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Now We Explore…

Now We Explore is a travel based site that examines the food, history, culture and how-to of the places we are fortunate enough to explore.

Now We Explore is run by myself, Austin, and my wife, Jamie.

Jamie and I have been together for almost 10 years, travelling together for 5 and married for the last 2 years. We both discovered a passion for travel and the research that goes into it beforehand and want to share it all with you!

Austin is a Freelance writer & Co-Editor for Yellow Scene Magazine and a contributor to WorldFootprints and is published in the Santa Barbara Independent.

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Now We Explore…

Our philosophy is “Planned Flexibility”

Knowing your options so that you can adapt to changing circumstances as well as stumble upon the best places to explore.

Jamie and I believe in planning and research so that the day of the trip you can wander down a street and find a place you’ve heard of, without necessarily being on a strict time budget or schedule.

We plan, but not to hit every place at certain times, just to feel more in-the-know as we come across menus and hole-in-the-wall spots alongside the more well known places!

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