There is no better way to experience culture then by having a fantastic meal. Food brings together the spices, languages and methods that separate yet unify humanity.

Humans are the only animal to cook and prepare food. It is one of the essential building blocks of what defines us from other species. In short, making food makes human culture.

Here is a showcase of the photos, recipes, and recommendations for the most delicious and authentic food we have found and created

Allergies and Me

Food for me has always been a double edged sword. I absolutely love to create in the kitchen. The spices, flavors and smells give me life. However I have also struggled with undiagnosed food allergies. Until recently I had no idea the food I was eating caused me such discomfort.

In short, I have adapted my diet to be almost entirely wheat, soy and nut free. I will add recipes and ideas for those of us who also have allergy needs or simply wish to eat well with simple ingredients and less processing.

Experiencing food is experiencing culture