Dijon Herb Lamb Loin Chops

Lamb is a delicacy here in the United States. Typically only found in Supermarkets around holidays, this meat deserves more attention.

Impressive to serve, intimidating to order, Lamb Loin Chops are actually very easy to make. I was lucky enough to find some chops on sale. These days finding a deal and knowing the techniques to make it is the name of the game. I rarely head to the market with specific ingredients in mind, I’m looking for something on sale that I can make into something fancy.

The flavors for this lamb are insane and basic at the same time.

Make sure to salt your meat ahead of time. Once your Lamb has reached room temperature it is time to cook!

Heating meat before it reaches room temp often means the still cold inside doesn’t cook while the outside edges burn. For ideal cuts you should always salt at least an hour before cooking and allow the meat to rest at room temp for 20 mins to an hour.

I prefer using Duck Fat to cook cuts like lamb. Duck fat has a higher smoke point, meaning we can cook at higher temperatures before setting off the smoke alarm! Plus it infuses an incomparable richness and depth. Duck Fat is an essential ingredient to classic French cooking.

Of course not everyone has access to Duck Fat, or the desire to use it. I could see my youngest sister cringing at the thought of eating a duck…

So of course you can substitute in another animal fat if you have it, or use the classic Butter & Olive Oil combo!

This lamb pairs perfectly with Cherry Tomato Confit for a delicious summer meal.


To serve four people, buy four lamb loin chops. Sizes can vary so adjust resting time and serving size as needed.

  • Four bone-in lamb chops
  • Spicy brown mustard
  • Salt, Pepper, Tarragon & Thyme
  • Duck Fat or alternatively Butter & Olive Oil

I didn’t make a sauce for these chops, the natural lamb flavor, mustard and herbs great on their own!


  • Salt the Lamb Chops and let them rest until they reach room temperature
  • Rub in Black Pepper and Thyme, coat the surface of the meat well
  • Pre-Heat pan on high with Duck Fat (Medium high if using Butter & Olive Oil)
  • Sear Lamb each side for 3 minutes. We want a nice crust outside and medium rare inside
  • Once both sides are seared, cover the pan with the lid ajar and let Lamb rest for 10-12 minutes to finish cooking
  • Top with a large drop of Dijon and some Herb leaves for garnish.

I paired my Dijon Herb Lamb over Mashed Potatoes with a bright summer Cherry Tomato Confit, Mushrooms in Feta, a Cheese Plate. Finished with an Old Fashioned, this was a great fancy-yet-easy meal.

Don’t miss a recipe or seasonal food inspiration! Follow along my travel and food adventure below.

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