The Netherlands

Amsterdam truly feels like a walkable, human-scale major city. Something I find missing back home. Every street feels accessible, although you need to be wary of bikes whizzing by, but transport in general is fast and convenient. So much of the country relies on natural power in some way as well, from the sea or the air, they harness what others may consider a disadvantage and turn it into a more sustainable way to live.

The food was shockingly good as well. The simple eats, the Febo grab-and-go vending machines, were the highlights in such a weird way. Although its just simple, fried fast food the cheap and easy options were great for a younger crowd and those who were busy exploring the city all day

Life in all of its forms is not just tolerated but accepted here. From it’s long history as a refuge to Protestants and Jews to its modern day acceptance of drug use and prostitution, nothing has changed the spirit and charm of this metropolitan town

Get outside the major city and see the windmills that powered the first waves of industrial and commercial revolutions. Zaanse Schans offers the best view of restored windmills as well as first hand clog making demonstrations and Dutch cheese tasting!

The most charming and quaint town however was easily Geithoorn. We took a day trip but would recommend an overnight stay, if possible. The town is connected via wood bridges and canals rather than streets and paths, creating a story book experience.

Original Photos by Austin Clinkenbeard

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