Loire Valley Photos

Final France post!

First of all I need to apologize for the delay in blog posts! We’ve been traveling quite a bit from place to place and have definitely not had a good internet connection!

Once we reached Greece our wifi was somewhat limited and it takes more than a tenuous connection to update the blog

I’ll be sending updates to catch you all up on our adventures! We are a bit behind on posts, this is our last France post then we have some Greece ones coming up

In a way it allows us to reflect more on our previous stops and re-live some memories we just made.

Currently we are in Rome and loving the city. We tend to really enjoy the large cities, the hustle and bustle and the noise is almost comforting after some time on the Greek Islands.

For now enjoy out Loire Valley chateau-hopping photo sets, it was such a truly stunning area to visit.

We also made sure to go wine tasting at a few spots and to our surprise, tasting is free! We are used to $20 tastings at home so this was a welcome surprise. A bottle purchase is encouraged so of course we needed up with a few incredibly reasonably priced bottles by the end of our stay.

Au Revoir!

Jamie & Austin

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