What is Prague’s aesthetic? Is she a fairytale princess full of castles and towers, pastel colors and gilded trimmings, or is she the evil queen with dark armor, torture chambers and gargoyles peering from every stone corner?

The Charles Bridge connects both halves of the city, the dark and the light, the princess and the villain. We arrived at sunset with baroque music being played on violins by an older couple. There was no better place to be. It was our true “We’re here” moment, a time to take in the fact that we had done it.

St. Vitus cathedral is the most beautiful Gothic structure I’ve seen so far. It perfectly encapsulates the dark high gothic look that represents the peak of Medieval architecture. The rose windows, the flying buttresses, the stained glass interiors full of relics and literal saint’s bones. It harkens back to a time when religion itself was something very different then today.

The cocktail bars were the best we’ve experienced. High end service, menus that stretch back forever and out of tune pianos playing in hazy underground lairs. Do not miss the Black Angels’ Bar, the absolute pinnacle of Prague cocktail nightlife. For an absolute unforgettable experience order the Chose Your Fate from The Alchemist Bar. I won’t spoil the secret.

Prague is a city we are both dying to explore again, to seek out her mystique, is she a dark angel or a fairy princess?

Original Photos by Austin Clinkenbeard

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