From the farmhouses to the farm-to-table food, Vermont stole our hearts. Goat cheese and pure maple syrup are now forever added to our kitchen. Rolling green hills containing small communities working together to produce some of the freshest, most pure foods we have ever tasted. Plus, the architecture on these homes is to die for.

We stayed in the main city of Burlington which offers an incredible hippie, down to earth and eclectic vibe that differs from any other place we stayed. People here truly take to heart the ideals of reducing, re-using and recycling.

The most stunning sunset was on Lake Champlain, facing West the sun sets into the water creating gorgeous visuals and strolling along the waterfront opportunities. Watching the sun fade into the lake was a great way to take in the moment.

Life is lived at a different pace, with different goals here. It’s not like the rest of America, and that is to be appreciated.

Go maple syrup and cheese tasting at Sugar Bush Farms outside Woodstock. Make sure to take the Maple Trail and learn about how syrup is painstakingly produced, plus you’ll meet some friendly cows on the way! Grab lunch at Deadalus while taking the Stowe bike trail to and from hard apple cider tastings. The views and tastes are both essentials.

If you can’t quite take the trip to Austria, do what the Von Trapp’s did and spend time in the vibrant green hills of Stowe. Growing up the Sound of Music was always a special movie Jamie and her mom watched together making the Trapp Family Lodge a wonderful must see for us!

We visited Burlington, Stowe and Woodstock and cannot wait to come back and explore more! We absolutely adored our stay at the Woodstock Inn and Resort, easily the nicest hotel we experienced on the trip. Afternoon tea complimented the picture-perfect Adirondack chairs on the lawn. The interior was immaculate as well, elegant mid century modern furniture paired perfectly with the entire atmosphere.

Original Photos by Austin Clinkenbeard

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