Maine surprised us with just how much we genuinely enjoyed every town we visited. From lobster roll sampling to rugged coastal walks and endless lighthouses, we hit the quintessential Maine checklist and loved it all!

Take a drive up the coast and stop at every small town. Stroll along the main streets. Stop in a shop and strike up a conversation with the owner about the weather. When you need something more to do, head to Portland for the weekend. Put your name in at EvenTide Oyster Co. walk down by the water and contemplate the life changing oysters you are about to have…

Our Camden Inn was the highlight of the trip in terms of hospitality, warmth and true small town Americana feel. Friendly local guests gave us recommendations and history lessons while the unreal host family prepared the best gluten-free pancakes in the history of gluten-free pancakes. Topped with a fresh blueberry compote, and you guessed it, pure maple syrup, this breakfast alone was worth the trip to Maine

Life is good in Maine.

Original Photos by Austin Clinkenbeard

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