Brussels & Bruges

Brussels was the first European city we flew in to together. It will always hold a special place in our heart as the first stop on our Honeymoon. The chocolates, the fries, the beautiful main square all struck us as exceptional. We were pleasantly surprised in just how much we love reminiscing on our stay in Brussels.

Grote Markt was the prettiest square we saw on our trip. Each building was intricately decorated with gold trimmings and pastel paint. The beer is legendary, both light and dark varieties plus plenty of other non-traditional flavors to try, especially at Delirium Cafe. We tried a lychee beer that was simply surreal.

We loved exploring the medieval town of Bruges with its iconic canals and stone tower. Out hotel was fantastic, a view of the Belfry tower from the balcony and the main canal out the front window. You can’t do better that staying at Hotel de Orangerie. Grab a cocktail in the lobby and enjoy the reading room as well.

Stay overnight so that you can enjoy the town without anyone around. Springtime gave us the perfect nighttime lighting while we had the bridges and streets to ourselves.

Anytime you can, it always ends up being worth it to stay at these “day-trip” tourist locations overnight. You can get so much more out of them!

Original Photos by Austin Clinkenbeard

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