Cherry Tomato Confit with Feta

This is a perfect summer time recipe. Just as the weather heats up these sweet cherry tomatoes reach their peak. Served chilled or hot, these can be a savory side dish or a delicious mid-day snack or salad.

Inspired heavily by Samin Nosrat, I prefer to add some Feta or even Goat cheese into the mix. Topped with a sprig of fresh herbs, the presentation can be dressed up or down.

I love pairing these with a heavier dish, maybe my delectable Dijon Herb Lamb Chops, for a lighter side that refreshes you as the meal goes on.

They key here is high quality tomatoes, ideally from someone’s garden, paired with fresh herbs. Sprinkled dried herbs just won’t have the same summer fresh flavor we want. To keep it simple I just use one herb to infuse the Olive Oil and Tomatoes with an un-complex flavor.

The Olive Oil can be reserved after cooking. It will be infused with a tomato and herb flavor making ideal for salad dressings or dipping bread!

The Cherry Tomatoes can be made either on the stove or in the oven, making them a versatile side dish in terms of food pairing but also preparation! No room in the oven? Put them on the stove. Burners all in use? Pop them in the oven instead.

Sometimes summer means simple!


Honestly the ingredients here could not be easier!

  • 2 Cups Cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh Herb Sprig (Rosemary or Tarragon are my go-to)
  • Olive Oil, to coat bottom of pan
  • Block of Feta or Goat Cheese


Such an easy recipe to make and such an impressive one to serve.

  • Preheat oven to 250 F, or preheat pan on medium low
  • Coat pan with olive oil, enough that every tomato will be touching oil. We do not need to submerge them
  • Add tomatoes and herb sprig, coat in olive oil in the pan
  • Cook in oven for 40 mins, check if Tomatoes have burst open. Smaller ones will be done quicker, larger tomatoes may need another 40 mins
  • Alternatively, cook on stove for about 20 mins until they begin to burst open
  • Top with cheese and serve hot, or place in fridge to serve chilled

I paired my Cherry Tomato Confit with Dijon Herb Lamb Shanks, a Cheese Plate and some Mushrooms in Herbs. Paired with an Old Fashioned, this was a delicious outdoor meal. Let me know what you make in the comments below.

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