We truly love Lisbon. Maybe it was our apartment, a loft with a perfect walkable location. Maybe it was the neighborhood, in the heart of Bairro Alto, a local nightlife and food hotspot. Maybe it was the deep sense of history, and longing for a glorious past, and contentment with what is and the joy of life exhibited by everyone we conversed with

A Cevicheria served the freshest, citrus soaked and spectacularly flavored ceviche we’ve had, hands down. The unique menu and dangling Octopus decorating the dining room makes this place a must visit. Get lost wandering the streets while fado music mournfully drifts out of hazy bar windows. Taste the rich creamy port as it hits your tongue after a luxurious chocolate.

The Pena Palace in the city of Sintra and the town of Belem just outside of Lisbon were fantastic additions to our stay. Pena Palace reminds me, and many others, of the Lego castles we used to build as children, but in real life! Red walls, Yellow keeps and Blue towers seem surreal up against the rugged hilltop landscape.

The Tower of Belem was truly a marvel. Try to arrive at sunset on a weeknight to beat the crowds and get a spectacular photo. Portugal once was the center of a massive worldwide naval empire, reminisce of their past riches while devouring several Pasteis de Belem, an indulgence you can still enjoy today.

Original Photos by Austin Clinkenbeard

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