Barcelona is a food lover’s paradise. We couldn’t find a bad meal here if we had tried. Paella, Tapas, Jamon Iberico all paired with earthy, spicy red wines made this trip a true delight.

Park Guell is an artist’s dream colony, livable masterpieces with not a single straight line in sight make you feel as if you are in human’s nature. Sagrada Familia is truly a modern World Wonder. The play of light and form, stained glass foliates the soaring interior columns creating a heavenly forest above you. Make sure you get your tickets online ahead of time.

La Boqeria is an absolute must, an experience you can see, smell and taste. El Quim has this deliciously unique dish of baby squid with Spanish fried eggs. Even the simple things, tomato on bread, olives, potatoes, in Catalonia become transformative culinary experiences.

We visited the city in the midst of one of the region’s many protests. Much of Catalonia longs for independence from Spain. They feel that Barcelona drives the economy and their language and culture are unique enough to warrant their own state.

Who am I to say.

Original Photos by Austin Clinkenbeard

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