Dubrovnik is a gem on the jewel-blue sea of the Adriatic. Situated perfectly in Medieval and Renaissance times as a port-of-call, today it is a major destination for Mediterranean Cruise ships as well. This walled port city still looks and feels like you have stepped back in time. The ancient stones beckon you to discover more, each twist and turn of yellow bricked alley brings a new sight or smell; an elderly lady hanging clothes up to dry, two orange cats run along a brick wall older that your home town, the enticing rhythms and beats of a literal hole-in-the-wall bar welcome everyone to join the party

We got lucky in a sense that it rained just enough to scare away the potential crowds yet not enough to stop us from exploring and enjoying the surreal city.

I tried a potato pastry here that changed out entire outlook on what a savory delicacy could taste like. More importantly, Jamie brought along a specific outfit to match the look of the city which showed us that we can travel and pack with an eye towards fashion as well.

Original Photos by Austin Clinkenbeard

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