Mexico is much more than resort towns, beaches, and cruises. They do those well, but there is a beating heart in the center of this country that also deserves love from us Northerners. We had both been to Mexico independently but this was our first trip here together.

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the globe, and it felt like it. The history here is incredible, it is the first ever global city, an it has the cuisine to reflect this long rich tradition and modern importance. And the pyramids!

Oaxaca was our next stop. Considered the food capitol of the nation the mole, mezcal and tamales were unparalleled. You won’t find any queso dip, nachos, or burritos here my friends. Oaxaca is becoming known as a digital nomad hotspot but I truly hope it doesn’t become a tourist trap town any time soon. Its so beautiful.

So many people are scared of this country. For the most part, you don’t need to be. Yes there are massive crime and drug problems but, for better or worse, it mostly affects the local people. Cartels and government officials alike want the tourism money to keep flowing in. Plus, the problems aren’t as bad in places like Mexico City and Oaxaca.