How To Not Fuck Up Your Paris Dining Experience

So many people carry with them the stereotype of the rude French waiter who snobbily looks down on the English speaking tourists. He sneers at them as they order their salad dressing. Rolls his eyes as they request their steak cooked to order. They get their food, but they also get the cold shoulder. The … Continue reading How To Not Fuck Up Your Paris Dining Experience

Ghent: An Underrated City in an Underrated Country

Not many Americans have Belgium on their European bucket-list, let alone view it as a honeymoon destination. But when we got creative back in 2019 and realized the most cost effective way to get to Amsterdam was to fly into nearby Brussels we jumped at the opportunity. On our first visit to Belgium we went … Continue reading Ghent: An Underrated City in an Underrated Country

Strasbourg & Colmar, France’s Fairytale Towns

The Alsace region of France was an absolute dream. A real life Disneyland Toontown if you will. It was like we were transported into the cartoon. Only a short 1 hour 45 minute direct train from Paris, Strasbourg is easily worth a visit on your next trip to France. We visited in December during the … Continue reading Strasbourg & Colmar, France’s Fairytale Towns

Munich: Maybe Another Time?

By the time we arrived in Munich it was snowing. Neither Jamie or I have been in falling snow for quite some time. It was magical when the first flakes fell upon our upturned faces. Our hotel was right down the street from the train station. It was conveniently located in walking distance to nearby neighborhoods and … Continue reading Munich: Maybe Another Time?

Budapest: Our Soulmate City

It’s no secret we love Budapest. We knew we would going in and we were thrilled it met and exceeded our expectations. Now that we are back home we constantly find ourselves answering the questions “What was your favorite city” or “Most unexpected city I should know about?” with a resounding answer: Budapest! Personally I … Continue reading Budapest: Our Soulmate City

Europe’s Best Food & Drinks

(at least in our opinions!) Jamie and I were so fortunate to get to taste and drink our way through Europe. We tried everything from delicate Parisian cafes to hearty Hungarian Goulash, from Tuscan reds to Turkish teas. Come experience our European food and drink tour and relive our three month trip below! Parisian style … Continue reading Europe’s Best Food & Drinks

This Central European Dream Town Needs to be on Your Vacation List

Are you looking for one of the largest castles in Europe, a charming town straight out of a storybook and an affordable escape into a medieval fantasy? You need to make your way to Cesky Krumluv! Besides the more well known cities of Prague, Vienna and Budapest, you need to add Cesky Krumlov to your … Continue reading This Central European Dream Town Needs to be on Your Vacation List

The Beautiful Musical Culture of Vienna

Once the capitol of the sprawling Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna still retains the cultivated air of royalty and luxury even if it no longer commands the same territory it once did. The seat of the Hapsburg dynasty, Vienna controlled Austria as well as Hungary and much more in the Empire's prime. It was often referred to … Continue reading The Beautiful Musical Culture of Vienna

Falling in Love with Salzburg and Hallstatt

How is it possible that we keep falling in love over and over again with each new place we visit? Austria was absolutely wonderful to us. Our first taste of Austria was the small town of Villach where we had a two hour train "layover" Not enough time to see the whole city but enough … Continue reading Falling in Love with Salzburg and Hallstatt