Why Mexican Food is so Fucking Delicious

By Austin Clinkenbeard Mexican food is absolutely delicious in part because of Giant Ground Sloths keeping the avocado aliveTweet It starts with a sloth and ends with immigrants It starts with a sloth and ends with immigrants, as all good stories do. Mexican food is absolutely delicious in part because of Giant Ground Sloths keeping … Continue reading Why Mexican Food is so Fucking Delicious

The Upside of Downtime

My Allergy journey in the time of Covid Written in Spring 2021 By Austin Clinkenbeard One year ago today I was in the Emergency Room in Mission Hospital being told by the Doctor that I would need immediate chest surgery to access my esophagus. He thought he detected a tear in my throat large enough for … Continue reading The Upside of Downtime

History of Beer and Wine

Well, at least the history of how they got to California Ancient Romans would have loved California Beer and wine stretch back into ancient times, as does our everlasting appreciation for them. The first hard evidence of beer currently comes from stone bowls carved into a cave in Israel around 13,000 years ago. Small-batch crafted … Continue reading History of Beer and Wine

Dubrovnik’s Ancient Facades

By Austin Clinkenbeard Draw water from her wells, guide your hands along her smooth stones, peer into the depths of Dubrovnik Dubrovnik has faced the Adriatic with dark eyes perched upon her lofty mountaintops for centuries uncountable. She has seen the strength of great empires rise and fall while she herself remains ageless and beautiful. … Continue reading Dubrovnik’s Ancient Facades

Dual Faces of Prague

By Austin Clinkenbeard Prague's aesthetic is both the Disney princess and the wicked witch. She is her own twisted step-mother and she is the shining knight who comes to save her. There are two faces to Prague. She is light and grace and forgotten splendor. She is color and water and ancient jewels and armor. She changes, … Continue reading Dual Faces of Prague

Amsterdam’s Welcoming Embrace

By Austin Clinkenbeard Amsterdam is warm refuge. Acceptance is found here Long armed canals encircle the city embracing all inside her concentric reach. Sinewy streets and colorful high-gabled peaks peer down on Dutch market streets. Bicycles breeze by in a flurry of sound and color as if fast-flying tulips, each of them dinging bells, singing like … Continue reading Amsterdam’s Welcoming Embrace