The Impact of the Roman Empire

It's impossible to escape the history of this city. Everywhere you look it is filled with ancient sites and monuments to past glories. You can't escape the history of the Roman Empire either. The twin pillars of Western civilization merged together in the ending centuries of this two thousand year empire to form the foundations … Continue reading The Impact of the Roman Empire

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology needs demystifying from time to time. Here is what it is and why it is extremely relevant todayTweet Anthropology is the study of Humanity Anthropology is basically the study of people. Languages, stories, pasts, fashion, art, myths, power structures, identities, music, architecture, dance, family, it covers an overwhelming amount of topics and is best understood as … Continue reading What is Anthropology?

Why are European City Centers so much Nicer than American Ones?

Let's look into why visiting an American city center is often disappointing whereas European ones are mostly pleasant Visiting Europe conjures up images of charming downtown marketplaces, quaint bridges connecting towns, and thriving communities you can stroll through in a way that most American cities simply cannot offer. Sure there are certain vibrant downtown cultural areas and … Continue reading Why are European City Centers so much Nicer than American Ones?