Changes, Updates and Travel

How to even describe everything that has happened since we last updated everyone!

First and foremost, I (Austin) was hired as an editor and writer for Yellow Scene Magazine. YS still prints a monthly magazine, and has been for over 20 years.

They’ve won numerous journalism awards and the opportunity has allowed me to publish quite a few pieces. Which means I sadly have not had as much time to dedicate to NowWeExplore, but I am able to work alongside such amazing writers, editors and staff to kick-start my writing career.

I’ve also now been published in a WorldNomads and the Santa Barbara Independent all because of this website!

Additionally, we had a transformative time traveling to Mexico City and Oaxaca not long ago. I’m behind on updates but the photos, the food, and the vibe will all captivate your hearts just as they did ours.

This wasn’t your lay-on-the-beach typical Mexico vacation. Mexico City is the largest city in North America. It was overwhelming in the best way. Oaxaca was a breath of fresh air, with such a depth to the food and history that drew us both in. Quesadillas and tamales will never be the same again.

We may be behind on updates and posts, but never fear, NowWeExplore isn’t going anywhere…

But we are!

Jamie and I booked a flight to Thailand for next week that will take us on a two month journey throughout South East Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali as well.

So look for more frequent updates, photos and info as we begin a massive journey yet again.

We both left our day jobs (I’m writing this from my desk on my last day, nothing left for me to do here!). We moved out of our apartment and are taking a leap again.

We will document our journey with you all, just like we did with our Europe trip, but maybe at a slower pace this time since I will also be “digital nomading” while writing and editing for YS.

But this is not our only journey…

We envision a “Year of Travel”, beginning in SE Asia. While we won’t travel for a year straight, that would be WAY too long for us, we plan on spending a few months abroad and a few months at home as we explore the globe.

Follow along for another full year of food, culture, travel tips, history, art and architecture as we explore an entirely different part of the world together

Now we explore…

South East Asia

(Some pics from Mexico to hold you over)

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