Travel in the Time of Covid

Thank you all for joining us on our adventure to Europe, starting in just TWO DAYS!!

We have had such a nice time saying goodbye to friends and family, thank you all for your kind support.

Family dinners and travel recollections before this long trip have really brought us such joy and inspiration. It is so amazing to hear some of the favorite memories of many of our favorite people we talk to. We can’t wait to start vacationing, travelling, exploring and getting lost abroad.

There has been so much change to get to this point. Jamie took a massive leap and left her job, we moved out of our apartment, donated tons of stuff: We are making our multi-year dream a reality.

We’ve already said goodbye to Austin’s family and are in the process with Jamie’s right now! Suzanne (Austin’s mom) was kind enough to throw us a European themed goodbye dinner, complete with French wine, Caprese appetizers, Coq au Vin and homemade Bon Voyage balloons!

Eating good even before we leave for Europe!

Travel broadens the mind. Food is a window into culture. Get out there and explore it with us!

Our plan is to fly from LAX to Newark, have a layover, and from there fly to France.

We are beyond excited to land in Paris and settle in to our stay. The City of Lights is a bucket list destination for so many and a great starting point for a long term Europe adventure. Flights are almost always available and reasonably priced and Paris is centrally located.

It is definitely advantageous to fly into a major center like Paris and then use smaller regional airlines or trains to get to further destinations.

Our journey starts with some major well known hotspots but we will also be taking you through the Balkans, Central Europe and some underrated spots so be sure to follow along.

In terms of packing we plan on bringing 5 bags total, 2 carryon suitcases, 2 backpacks and 1 purse. No checked bags!

Here’s a glimpse into our bags, our whole world for the next 90 (or so) days!

This is a huge cost saver but also quite the challenge as we had to make a few rounds of cuts and decisions on what to bring. Packing cubes definitely help us organize and reduce empty space

My best tip so far: bring items that have double uses. A workout shirt that is stylish enough to be worn out to casual lunch. Shorts that can be a bathing suit or used for day wear. A light dress that can also be used as a bathing suit cover. Shoes that look good enough for a dinner but are supportive enough to walk around all day in.

Let us know how you pack and, more importantly, what you find you need or never use. Saving space is key.

The excitement part is palpable, but so is the ever present hesitation over regulations.

We know sudden or unexpected things may happen, plans may change. In fact change is part of the plan. We may have to come home early we may stay longer we may have to quarantine somewhere it’s all part of the process and will someday be part of our story together.

Cheers to safe travels and great memories

Planned Flexibility

Planned flexibility is key.

We believe in responsible, safe, vaccinated travel.

Following the headlines for European travel updates reminds me how easy it is to be misinformed and misled by sensational media. For the last two weeks we have been keeping tabs the new European Union “Travel Ban”.

It’s scary and confusing to read sensational headlines, but digging into the updated regulations it turns out the only change we need to make so far is to take a Covid test before entering some countries. It reminds me of how difficult and purposely midleading it is to casually follow the media as your main source of information. They want you to pay attention, not necessarily to be informed.

For us, we like to go straight to the source. AP News and the Embassy websites have the most up to date and accurate information. There are other great sources as well. Use CNN (and other mainstream channels) as a starting point for your research, not the authority.

The regulations have mainly affected unvaccinated travelers so far. If you have not received a vaccine it is becoming increasingly difficult to travel.

For us, we simply see this as a safer way to enjoy going out. Everyone in France needs to be tested or have been vaccinated to dine out. Vaccination rates are surpassing or may soon surpass that in the United States. It will theoretically be safer to be in parts of Europe then at home in the US for vaccinated travel.

Of course, we know that can change too, regulations are non binding and every country within the EU can make their own decision. Greece and Croatia, two main countries on our list, have said they will not be imposing any restrictions.

If all goes according to plan our next update will be from the continent

See you then!

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